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LanguagesEnglish, Deutsch, Français, Spanish, Italiano, Русский, Português, 日本, 語, Nederlands, Polski
Deposit optionsCredit/Debit Card, WHY, PayPal, AstroPay, Local Banck, Cash Bonuses, Skrill, Crypto
Pricing45 tokens $4.99, 200 tokens $20.99, 540 tokens $49.99

Cambaddies is a live cam site that offers live cam shows with real people. It has been gaining popularity over the years due to its user-friendly interface, wide range of models, and affordability. 

The site’s layout is intuitive and easy to navigate; plenty of models of all kinds are available at any given time, allowing viewers to find something they like quickly and easily. 

In addition, their prices are reasonable compared to other similar sites on the market today.


  • Secure payment system for transactions  
  • Messaging is available between members and models


  • May not be suitable viewing material for some audiences

What is Cambaddies.com

Cambaddies.com is an adult cam site that offers users an interactive platform to view and connect with models from around the world. 

You can request private shows, tip your favorite model, buy her virtual gifts and even become her friend if you wish. Cambaddies.com offers a secure payment system so that all transactions are safe and discreet. 

With Cambaddies.com’s innovative technology, it’s easy to find the perfect performer for your needs quickly and easily, no matter what time of day or night!

Signing up at Cambaddies

Signing up at Cambaddies

To register with Cambaddies.com, go to the home page and select “Register” from the menu bar. You can choose to register via Twitter or by entering your username and email address.

If you opt for username registration, you will be sent an email with instructions containing your password, which is required to log in. 

After successful registration, you will be ready to explore all of Cambaddie’s features. Have fun using this platform-enjoy exploring it!

Models at Cambaddies

Adult entertainment has been around for centuries and the different models that entertain us are no exception. At Cambaddies.com you will find a wide variety of models to satisfy your needs: female, male, couple, and trans models. 

  • Female models: At Cambaddies.com you will find a wide variety of talented female models who offer an unparalleled level of sensuality and eroticism in their shows. From beautiful camgirls who love to chat with viewers, to experienced pornstars who know how to get the most out of every scene, there is something for everyone! 
  • Male Models: Cambaddies also offers plenty of male talent. Here you’ll find a wide variety of hot guys ready to fulfill your wildest dreams, whether they’re straight guys eager to show off their assets or bisexuals ready to please all types of viewers alike; it won’t take you long to find someone special! These men come from all walks of life and bring with them different experiences and perspectives that add even more spice to their performances. 
  • Couple Models: For those looking for something very special between two people, why not take a look at the couples section? They have some truly amazing couples, ready and willing to create double trouble during private sessions as well as group shows, where anything goes! Whether it’s two women getting it on together or straight couples who want to explore new sexual boundaries, whatever pleasure you’re looking for, you can be sure that Cambaddies will provide it without fail.  
  • Trans Models: On top of all this they also feature transgender models who show the best of both worlds when it comes to providing satisfaction to clients no matter what their gender identity preference may be. With some gorgeous T-Girls plus elite TS Queens who specialize in domination play.

Cambaddies Chat Features

Cambaddies.com offers users an exciting and interactive experience. The website offers a number of features designed to enhance the user experience, from its Top Models section to its Token Draw feature. Let’s take a look at what Cambaddies has to offer. 

  • Best Models section: Best Models is an exclusive Cambaddies section that gives users access to some of the most popular models on the site. Users can browse their profiles and view their videos, photos, and other content before deciding which model they want to interact with in real time via live chat or video calls, viewing their profile content involves additional costs. This makes it easy for customers to find someone who matches their preferences, making for an enjoyable online experience every time!  
  • The extensive tagging feature: Cambaddies also offers its users a well-developed tagging feature, which allows them to search for specific types of shows based on tags such as “lesbian,” “couples,” or “anal,” among others. With this option, users can easily find what they are looking for without having to go through multiple pages or search results trying different keywords until something comes up that matches what they want, saving them time and effort while still providing them with high-quality content.   
  • Token sweepstakes: Finally, Cambaddies also has a token sweepstakes feature, which allows users who have purchased tokens (the site’s virtual currency) a chance to win special prizes, such as free tokens or even private shows with certain models if they draw enough matching numbers in a round, adding another level of excitement to their regular visits.  

Cambaddies offers features designed specifically for the convenience and pleasure of its members, from matching matches based on tags to much more engaging options like token draws, where luck can bring you even more than you expect.

All of these offerings make it easy to understand why so many people come back again and again when they want to have fun online.

Cambaddies Streaming Quality

The audio and video qualities available on the platform are among the best in terms of performance and stability, enabling smooth interaction with partners from all over the world. 

  • Audio quality: The audio quality offered by Cambaddies.com ranges from an immersive atmosphere for its users to enjoy their conversations or shows without interruptions. 
  • Video quality: Video streaming options in Cambaddies range from 160p to ultra-low latency 720p resolution streams that provide smooth images without any lag. 

This allows both models and viewers to enjoy a superb viewing experience even when interacting simultaneously from different parts of the world. 

Cambaddies Pricing

Cambaddies Pricing

Cambaddies.com provides customers with an array of pricing options to suit their various needs. The prices are broken down into token packages, each offering different benefits in terms of cost and quantity of tokens received: 

  • 45 tokens for $4.99 
  • 200 tokens for $20.99 
  • 540 tokens for $49.99 

 Each package offers access to all the services available on Cambaddies, including chat, private shows, group shows and tips for models. Depending on how often you use the site, one package may be more suitable than another.

If you’re just starting out as a user or want to try out the features without committing too much money upfront then the 45 tokens option might be ideal.

Whereas if you intend on using Cambaddies regularly then it’s worth considering purchasing more tokens at once as this will result in greater savings over time due to discounted rates per token being applied when buying larger quantities.  

Cambaddies Deposit Options 

Cambaddies Deposit Options 

Cambaddies.com offers a variety of deposit options for customers to choose from when accessing their live sex cam site. These options include 

  • Credit/Debit Cards: Cambaddies accepts most major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. This is the most convenient option for those looking to make a quick payment without having to wait for funds to transfer in order to start enjoying the services offered on the website. 
  • PayPal: PayPal is widely accepted by many websites as it provides secure payments that are easy to use and can be tracked easily with confirmation emails sent out once completed successfully. 
  • AstroPay: AstroPay allows customers from Latin America and other countries worldwide to access their money instantly online via debit card or prepaid voucher which can then be used to deposit onto Cambaddies’s website.  
  • Local Bank Transfer: Customers residing in certain countries may have access to direct transfers from their local bank account directly into their Cambaddie wallet allowing them quick and easy deposits anytime they wish!  
  • Cash Bonuses: Those who purchase tokens on the website will receive cash bonuses depending on how much they spend giving them more bang for their buck!   
  • Skrill & Crypto Payments: For those purchasing tokens using Skrill or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc., they too will enjoy bonus token rewards upon completion of transactions!

Cambaddies User Experience

Cambaddies.com provides users with a good experience. 

  • Desktop: The desktop version of Cambaddies allows users to access its wide variety of features from the comfort and convenience of their personal computer or laptop. Its sleek design makes navigating the website intuitive and easy, 

It also supports multiple languages so users can enjoy Cambaddies in their native language, as well as in English for those who prefer it. 

  • Mobile: Cambaddies also has an optimized mobile version. This makes connecting with others easier than ever. Like its desktop counterpart, this mobile version also fully supports multiple languages.

Cambaddies Customer Support

Cambaddies Customer Support

Cambaddies.com offers excellent customer service. Through their website, Cambaddies has made it easy to contact them for inquiries and requests. To do so, customers should submit a request from this link https://support.supportlivecam.com/hc/es/requests/new  

In addition, Cambaddies can also be followed on Twitter https://twitter.com/cambaddiessite 

Cambaddies is dedicated to providing quality customer service in order to ensure that all needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Cambaddies.com Privacy and Security

Cambaddies provide users with an enjoyable experience while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security. 

All chat rooms are encrypted for added security, ensuring the privacy of conversations between users. 

Cambaddies also use authentication protocols to verify the identity of each user before entering a chat room.

 In addition, all payments and transactions through the website are protected by SSL encryption technology to prevent potential fraud and data theft. 

With these practices, users can rest easy knowing that their data is safe and secure on the website at all times.

Cambaddies Verdict

Cambaddies.com is a live cam sex website that has been around for several years. It offers users the possibility to interact and watch adult models in real time through webcam streaming technology. 

Cambaddies appears to be an established platform that offers a reliable service at competitive prices. 

Although Cambaddies operates a very good security system, it should be noted that since all services are provided by third-party providers, safety or satisfaction with respect to any specific experience on the site cannot be guaranteed. 

Ultimately, it is up to each user to decide whether or not Cambaddies meets his or her online entertainment needs.


Is Cambaddies.com Safe?

Yes, Cambaddies.com is secure. All transactions are processed securely and the website follows standards for secure storage and encryption of data. 

Is Cambaddies.com a Scam?

No, Cambaddies is not a scam. It is a totally secure site that provides customers with the satisfaction of their needs.

Can I Use Cambaddies.com for Free?

Yes, you can use Cambaddies for free without any charges or subscription fees. You can browse the different models available.

I did not receive any free tokens (from the token draw) when I registered

Only users with verified accounts can participate in the sweepstakes. If you have been selected remember to claim your prize within the next 10 minutes, otherwise, you will lose it.

If a model vetoes me, how can I lift the veto?

Bans last 30 days and cannot be reversed. You should also keep in mind that the ban cannot be lifted unless the model allows it. All this is done to maintain the model’s safety.

Can I view cams without signing up on the website first?

Yes, Cambaddies allows you to enter as a guest without registering, but this will not allow you to chat or interact with the models, in order to perform those functions you will have to register.

Are all models available in HD quality?  

Of course, the maximum resolution that Cambaddies handles is HD, all models allow that kind of resolution.

Do viewers have access to previous live cam recordings?

No, Cambaddies does not manage a storage system to replay the recordings.

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