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Deposit optionsCredit Cards, PayPal
PricingThe price is defined by the model

Cammodels.com is a live cam website that allows models to broadcast their live shows and interact with viewers in real-time.

Cammodels.com provides a platform for adult entertainment professionals to perform, network, and get paid for virtual services such as video chat, sex role-play scenarios, phone sex sessions, webcam events, and more. 

Viewers can access the site via desktop computers or mobile devices, where they can browse the cam directory by gender or category (such as fetish), make secure payments via credit card or PayPal account, leave comments on model profiles/shows, follow models they like so they don’t miss upcoming performances and even send tips directly to models 


  • “Models near you” feature
  • Good labeling section


  • Not available in some countries

What is Cammodels.com

Cammodels.com is a live cam website that connects users with models from around the world. It allows viewers to watch and interact in real-time with these models, as well as purchase private shows. 

The website is easy to use; just choose a model you like, add money to your virtual wallet, select the desired service, and start enjoying! 

Cammodels.com offers a wide variety of options for all types of viewers: from voyeurs who prefer to watch without interacting to paying users looking for full access to exclusive content. 

With so many types of models available on Cammodels.com, from amateur girls to professional pornstars, there is something for everyone!

Signing up at Cammodels

Signing up at Cammodels

Registering with Cammodels is a simple process. First, you will need to provide an email address and create a username and password. Once this step is completed, you will be asked to enter your payment methods, such as credit card or PayPal. 

After verifying your information, the registration process will be complete and you will be able to start enjoying the site’s features immediately. The whole process takes only a few minutes, so it’s easy to get started quickly. 

It is important to note that all payments are secure and confidential, so there is no need to worry about providing financial information during registration. 

Models at Cammodels

Cammodels.com offers a wide selection of models for viewers to choose from. From female and male models to couples and transgender individuals, viewers are sure to find something that appeals to them on the site. 

  • Female Models: Female models are some of the most popular on Cammodels.com. With curves in all the right places, these ladies know how to put on a show for their fans! Performing solo or with another female partner (or even two!), it’s easy to see why these girls have so many followers tuning in daily. 
  • Male Models: Male models also deliver sexy performances – there’s plenty of eye candy here too! The guys often perform solo, but they also make great partners when performing with another guy or even a girl, creating hot scenes guaranteed to get your heart racing!  
  • Couples: Couple performances are very hot, regardless of who’s in front of the camera! Seeing two wonderful people enjoying each other’s company creates an intense atmosphere that is both exhilarating and satisfying. For those looking for an extra thrill, threesomes with one man and two women are also available upon request, providing double (or triple) pleasure for all involved!  
  • Trans models: Transsexual models bring something really special when they step onto the Cammodels stage Their self-confidence, coupled with their sexy style, makes them captivating figures that quickly attract attention It doesn’t matter whether they identify as male or female transsexuals: each of them delivers incredible shows full of sensual moves and tantalizing visuals Fans love to see them in action, especially since there aren’t enough opportunities elsewhere online.  

Cammodels Chat Features

Cammodels.com features a variety of tools and services designed to help models build successful businesses, including Gold Show, Cam2Cam, and Private Chat options. 

Gold Show Feature 

Cammodels.com’s Gold Show feature allows users to purchase tickets to upcoming shows hosted by professional webcam models. During these events, viewers can interact with the model and even donate tips while watching in real-time from home or anywhere in the world. 


Cammodels’ Cam2Cam feature offers users a unique way to connect face-to-face with their favorite artists through live video chat sessions. With this tool, users can interact directly with their favorite stars without having to leave home or other commitments.

Private chat 

For those looking for more intimate interactions between themselves and their favorite model(s), there is also a private chat option available on Cammodels that allows two people to discreetly exchange messages without anyone else being able to see the content of what is said during this conversations-perfect if you prefer a little more privacy!

It is clear that there are many benefits associated with using the various features offered by Cammodels, which offer convenience and privacy when engaging in online adult entertainment activities. 

These tools make it easy for anyone interested in exploring new experiences within this realm, regardless of their geographic location.

Cammodels Streaming Quality 

Cammodels.com’s goal is to provide good audio and video experiences.

  • Audio Quality: The generated audio is the same for all live video chats, the quality will never drop or drop.
  • Video Quality (HD, auto): The video quality in Cammodels is automatically adjusted due to your internet connection, as there is no option to modify the quality, but this does not have a significant impact on the visual aspect of the streams, as they remain relatively smooth and crisp in appearance despite being limited by size restrictions. 

Cammodels Pricing

The models have full control over their own prices and can choose what they would like to charge for each session or show based on their experience, skillset, and level of popularity within the community. 

There may also be discounts available depending on how many minutes you purchase in advance or during special promotional periods throughout the year where prices may be reduced significantly compared to regular rates so it pays off to check back often if you’re looking for a good deal! 

In addition to hourly rates, some models also offer packages that include additional content such as photos and videos that customers can access after purchasing them at special price points set by individual performers-this allows customers more freedom when choosing their desired features without having to pay extra for every single item separately. 

Cammodels provides its users with great flexibility when determining how much they’d like to spend on their preferred shows and features; allowing everyone involved to enjoy quality experiences without breaking the bank!

Cammodels Deposit Options 

Cammodels Deposit Options 

Cammodels offers only two methods of payment, including 

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal

All payments are secure, with banking-grade encryption. The deposit process at Cammodels is simple, as users can easily select the method of their choice and complete the transaction quickly without hassle. 

Customers using credit cards will also benefit from added convenience, as Cammodels does not charge additional fees for card transactions. 

Moreover, when using PayPal as a deposit option at Cammodels there are also no additional fees or commissions associated with this payment method. 

The entire process is easy to understand and incredibly user-friendly, which makes it even more attractive to customers looking for quick deposits to their account balances on this platform.

Cammodels User Experience

Cammodels.com takes care of providing a good desktop and mobile experience.

  • Desktop: Cammodels offers an intuitive and easy-to-use desktop experience for those who wish to enjoy their content on larger screens. You have access to all tags with a single click, making it much easier to view files in desktop mode.
  • Mobile: For those who prefer a mobile experience, there is not much difference to the desktop site, it is much more like being away from home and not being able to access your pc.

Cammodels Customer Support

Cammodels Customer Support

Cammodels.com offers its customers the best customer support around. They offer a variety of options, including live assistance, WhatsApp, sending an email and even making a phone call for help. 

Live Assistance 




Send email



  • USA (866) 941-3982
  • Germany 0800 1810993
  • Australia 1800 972 031
  • Canada (866) 941-3982
  • France 0 800 90 32 92
  • Germany (Mobile) 0800 1825274
  • Italy 800 875 206
  • United Kingdom (GB )0800 098 8202
  • Swiss 0800 896 441
  • Rest of the Countries +1 206-438-0241

Customers can get quick responses to their queries and problems from experienced staff members who are available 24/7. 

The team is friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of the website, so you can be sure your issue will be resolved quickly and efficiently. 

Cammodels.com also provides helpful articles on frequently asked questions to give customers more information about their services. 

Cammodels.com Privacy and Security

Cammodels.com are committed to protecting the privacy and security of its users. The site uses a number of measures to ensure that user data remains secure. 

They require strong passwords for accounts and use two-factor authentication for added protection. 

Plus, they have implemented several policies designed to protect user privacy, such as not sharing personal information with third parties unless required or explicitly requested by the user. 

By taking these measures, Cammodel ensures that users can enjoy an online experience while trusting that their information is kept safe from malicious actors or other prying eyes.

Cammodels Verdict

Cammodels.com is a website that offers a variety of models and their services. It is easy to use and fully labeled, although it may not be available in some countries. 

Overall, the platform provides a safe environment for users to find services from experienced professionals or aspiring amateurs at reasonable prices. 

Customer feedback suggests that they generally have positive experiences using the site, which can be attributed to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as its customer support system. 

Although there are minor drawbacks, such as limited availability in some countries, Cammodels.com remains a good choice among those looking for models or model-related services online today.


Is Cammodels.com secure? 

Of course, Cammodels.com is a secure website that takes security measures to ensure the safety of its users. 

Is Cammodels.com a scam? 

No, Cammodels.com is not a scam. It is an established business with many satisfied customers who use the platform regularly for their cam modeling needs. The company has been operating for years and has built a good reputation among those in the industry. 

Can I use Cammodel com for free? 

Yes, you can use Cammodel com for free. You will be able to benefit from some features such as live streaming and public chats, but you may have to purchase tokens for additional services such as special model requests or exclusive viewer content.

How can I set up Cam2Cam?

If you are having trouble accessing the camera or microphone, the solution will depend on what you see when you click the Cam2Cam button.

If you see the video appear and disappear within 15 seconds of clicking the button, the model either lost the Cam2Cam request or denied it. 

If you do not see your own video and nothing happens when you click the button, the video settings may be incorrect.

What can I do to make the model do what I ask her to do?

In order to make the model do what you ask her to do, you will have to send her some tokens, but what you ask her to do does not have to get out of hand.

What are the discounts for block sessions?

Block sessions allow you to pay in advance for a certain period of time at a discount. Here are some of the offers they provide

  • 15 minutes: 5% discount
  • 30 minutes: 10% discount
  • 45 minutes: 15% discount
  • 60 minutes: 20% discount

It is always best to ask models if they are available before booking a block session. If the model agrees to the block of time, the session will start instantly. The contracted period must be paid at once. 

Why does my invoice include a VAT charge? (Only for EU members)

All these taxes may be subject to value-added tax (VAT) law for members of the European Union. 

This will be assessed at the time of invoicing.

You will be notified of the VAT percentage you will be charged prior to making any purchases subject to VAT. This percentage varies from country to country. Check with your local authorities to find out what VAT rate applies to you.

How does the daily limit work?

All members have an initial daily limit to use in CamModels video chats. Once you reach your daily limit, your current chat will be closed and you will be totally absent without being able to register payments the next day.

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