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Deposit optionsCredit Card, PumaPay
Pricing35 tokens for $29.95, 70 Tokens for $58.95, 105 Tokens for $87.95, 140 Tokens for $114.95

Imlive.com is a live cam site that has been in the adult entertainment business for several years. It offers a wide variety of features and various user-friendly tools to enhance the experience. 

Imlive is known for its diverse selection of models, high-quality live cam services, and secure payment methods. 

It also offers its customers exceptional customer service. With so many features on offer, it’s no wonder why Imlive has become one of the most popular live cam sites on the web today. 


  • Gold and VIP member options


  • Some live cameras are paid by the minute.

What is Imlive.com

Imlive.com is a live cam site that connects models with viewers around the world. It allows viewers to interact with models in real-time through video chat and text chat, allowing for an immersive experience that can be both educational and entertaining. 

With Imlive, you can browse thousands of live cams from around the world divided into categories such as solo female cams, couples cams, fetish and BDSM cams, transsexuals, and more. 

The site also offers private shows where users can pay extra for a one-on-one show with their favorite model.

Once connected to a particular model’s page, you’ll have access to features like free video/text chats where you can get to know each other better before investing money in a paid private show. 

Finally, after purchasing tokens you can enter a private show that will allow you exclusive access between you and another person who is usually a professional webcam model who has mastered different techniques related to sexual pleasure in her own unique style.

How to Sign Up at Imlive

How to Sign Up at Imlive

Registering with Imlive.com is easy and simple. Just go to the website, click on “Register”, enter your email address, and choose a username and password. 

Please ensure that all information provided is correct so that no problems arise during registration or when subsequently accessing the site. 

Once you have completed these steps, please accept the terms and conditions before clicking “Submit” to complete the Imlive.com registration process-it’s that simple!

Models at Imlive

ImLive offers a wide variety of models to suit any preference. From female solo performers and couples to male strippers and trans performers, there is something for everyone here! 

Female Models  

Most of the models featured on ImLive are female solo performers who specialize in live video shows ranging from mild flirtation to explicit hardcore activities. 

They come from all walks of life: some are professional webcam girls or porn stars, while others simply enjoy entertaining viewers with their sensual charisma and charm. 

Male models                                     

Male models also feature prominently on ImLive, providing unparalleled levels of pleasure via live webcams, from striptease performances to intimate conversations that include topics such as fetishes and fantasies you may never have considered before entering this world. 


As if two weren’t enough, couples cams are now available and offer double the fun and triple the fun when threesome videos are also part of the game. 

After selecting the desired gender (male/female/trans), users can choose a partner, either individually or together. 

With no limits other than your own imagination, couples cams offer unique experiences every time, so don’t miss out, because missing out on one could mean missing out forever unless you get invited back.                                      


Last but not least, transsexuals, add visually pleasing and intellectually stimulating diversity.

Trans talent has gained popularity in recent years, becoming increasingly sought after in adult entertainment industries around the world, and at Imlive you can enjoy the best of them.

Imlive Features

Imlive.com offers users a variety of features and services aimed at providing the best possible experience. 

Filtering and Categories 

Imlive.com offers users a wide range of filtering options to make it easier for them to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. 

Users can search by gender, age group, language spoken or even ethnicity to narrow down their results as much as possible before making any decisions about which presenter they would like to see on Imlive. 

Top Hosts Arena

The Top Hosts Arena is a feature that displays the top hosts active on ImLive at any given time, so users can easily access those who have proven their effectiveness in delivering quality entertainment to online viewers. 

The rankings within this arena change from day to day based on user ratings and comments, so that only those with consistently good performance remain visible here at all times.  


The Multi-Viewer feature allows viewers to watch multiple streams at once instead of just one, giving them more control over how they want to spend their time while using ImLive. 

This feature gives users greater flexibility in deciding what type of content they want to watch without having to wait between different programs, allowing them to keep up with what interests them most.   

Host Videos 

In addition to live broadcasts offered by presenters on the platform, many also post videos with clips of past performances or previews of upcoming events, allowing potential customers to better understand what type of material will be offered during certain sessions before committing to a particular session. 

Imlive Streaming Quality

ImLive offers viewers a good experience and provides a wide selection of models, allowing for personalized interaction. 

  • Audio quality: The audio provided by Imlive is clear and crisp, depending on the quality of the model and your internet connection. 
  • Video quality: Unfortunately, Imlive has no option for viewers to select their preferred video quality when watching live streams on their website; however, they promise that each model’s stream will be broadcast at the highest possible quality depending on the device they are streaming from. The image displayed in each stream is as sharp as can be expected given the circumstances of each model’s equipment configuration and Internet connection speeds, etc.

Imlive.com Pricing

Imlive.com Pricing

Imlive.com provides users with the opportunity to connect with artists from around the world. The site has several payment options, including tokens, to access different features of the platform. 

Tokens are Imlive’s virtual currency system that can be used to purchase services such as private shows and special gifts from performers. 

Tokens come in various packages ranging from 35 tokens for $29.95, 70 tokens for $58.95, 105 tokens for $87.95, 140 tokens for $114.95 respectively and so on up to 550 tokens at a cost of $439. 

Users also have access to discounted token bundles if they choose to buy them in bulk or use certain promotional codes available online. 

Overall, Imlive offers an affordable way for both individuals and couples who want to explore their fantasies without going broke. 

Imlive Deposit Options 

Imlive Deposit Options 

Imlive.com offers its customers several deposit options to facilitate their financial transactions. 

The only ways to make payments are via 

  • Credit card and PumaPay

Both methods are secure, fast, and easy to use. 

Customers can choose from either of these payment modes at their convenience while enjoying the benefits of Imlive’s services. 

Credit card deposits provide users with instant access to funds for all purchases available on the Imlive platform, allowing them to make quick payment transactions in no time. 

On the other hand, those who prefer more privacy when making payments can opt for PumaPay, which offers users additional security as well as flexibility in how they wish to pay for their purchases on the Imlive platform. 

Imlive’s User Experience

Imlive offers its users an immersive experience. Founded several years ago, it has grown to become one of the largest adult entertainment websites on the web. 

Desktop Experience 

The desktop version of Imlive offers an efficient navigation interface to find the perfect model quickly. 

In addition, there are several useful tools such as sorting systems that allow users to sort by price or other factors before making a selection.  

Mobile experience 

Imlive’s mobile app has some smaller features than its desktop counterparts, such as zoom-in/out buttons to improve viewing angles when using smaller screens.

It also includes additional sorting features, such as saving favorites or filtering by genre preferences, making it easier than ever to find just what you’re looking for without having to scroll endlessly through pages of results.   

Imlive Customer Support

Imlive Customer Support

Imlive offers customers complete support through its customer service center. Customers can access help by visiting the link https://imlive.com/help/CsCenter.aspx and searching for what they need assistance with within the category section provided on the page. The same applies if they need a live chat. 

After filling out an Imlive email form, customers will be supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by staff members who are willing to assist them with their needs and concerns. 

The support team is knowledgeable and professional and strives to provide quality customer service at all times.

You can also follow them on their Twitter https://twitter.com/imlivecom 

Imlive.com Privacy and Security

Imlive.com take security very seriously. The website uses secure encryption technology, so any information sent between member accounts and servers remains private at all times. 

In addition, Imlive ensures that members’ financial transactions are secure by using the best payment systems. 

It also has a term of service agreement that explains how personal information should be used responsibly to ensure the confidentiality of all users of the platform’s services.

Imlive Verdict

Imlive.com is that it offers a good user interface, although managing the website can be complicated at times. The feature’s sections offer users great options to search for the desired model, while free camera viewing is also available. 

Imlive has good features and potential but may not suit everyone’s needs due to its difficulty in management.


Is Imlive.com secure? 

Yes, Imlive.com is a secure site and all of your personal information is kept safe with the highest level of encryption technology available. They also have strict policies to protect user privacy and security. 

Is Imlive.com a scam? 

No, Imlive.com is not a scam or fraudulent website, as it has been around for many years and is trusted by millions of users around the world who enjoy its services without any problems or complaints about fraud or scams. 

Can I use Imlive.com for free? 

Yes, you can use certain features of the site for free, but if you want to access more advanced features, such as private lives, and giving gifts, among other options, then you will have to buy credits that are used as currency on the platform.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available for new members?

Yes, new members can take advantage of a variety of promotions and discounts. 

Is there a mobile app for ImLive? 

Yes, ImLive has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.

What do I get as a VIP Member?

When Gold Members collect 15,000 ImLive Points, they automatically become VIP Members and start enjoying many benefits that can be found on the website.

What are Monthly Video Contests?

ImLive selects Monthly Video Contest winners based on visitor ratings, number of ratings, and other additional factors. 

What are video ratings?

Video ratings on ImLive are what make the monthly video contests shine, as they have stars that they use to make votes based on user feedback on the quality of video content shared by other users on the platform.

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