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LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Norsk
Deposit optionsCredit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
PricingGold pieces cost $1.55. Live video chat is $3.99. Exclusive videos and model pictures for $2.99. Unlimited access for $14.99 a month.

The site offers users the opportunity to chat and interact with attractive models from all over the world. 

With a wide variety of categories, this site allows you to browse through thousands of performers in real-time. From solo acts to couples, Xvideoslive.com has something for everyone! 

With a look at some of its features such as pricing, quality of service, and user experience, also discuss how it compares with other webcam sites on the market today so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for your needs.

Let`s go into detail about what makes Xvideoslive stand out – from exclusive content offerings like free bonus videos only available here – to streamlined payment systems designed specifically for customers who want quick access


  • Exclusive content offerings like free bonus videos
  • Wide variety of categories to choose from


  • Limited deposit options
  • A limited selection of transgender models compared to other platforms

What is Xvideoslive.com

It allows users to connect and interact with other people through live webcam streaming. Users can create their profiles, upload photos and videos, chat in real-time with one another, view live streams from around the world, as well as send messages and gifts. 

Xvideoslive also offers a variety of features such as private messaging rooms for members who want to get more intimate or exclusive conversations going on cam-to-cam chats. 

They have virtual reality options that allow two people to simulate being together without ever having met face-to-face! 

Xvideoslive has become increasingly popular due to its convenient platform which makes it easy to navigate and use regardless of technical skill level or age background making it accessible by anyone who wishes to explore what this unique website has offered them!

Signing up at Xvideoslive.com

Xvideoslive sign up

Signing up at Xvideoslive.com is a process that requires only a few simple steps. The first step is to provide an email address, which will be used for account verification and other communication purposes. 

Next, you must choose a unique nickname of your choice – this will be the name by which others on the site know you as! 

Lastly, create a secure password with 8 or more characters including uppercase letters and numbers for added security. 

Once these details are filled out correctly, click “Next” at the bottom of the page and an activation link sent via email should follow shortly after submission – simply complete it to start using Xvideoslive’s services right away!

Models at Xvideoslive.com

Female Models 

The selection of female models available on XvideosLive is impressive; there are thousands online at any given time providing users with wide options including solo females as well as group shows for those looking for something extra special. 

All the women featured have been carefully chosen by experienced staff members who make sure they meet high standards both looks-wise and personality-wise before being added onto this platform.  

Makes it easy for potential viewers to find exactly what they’re looking for without wasting too much time browsing through unsuitable profiles or performances. 

Male Models  

There are also many male performers available on XvideosLive, ranging from young men just starting their career in modeling up to more mature professionals who can bring experience, knowledge, and even some additional kinks if required! 

As expected, these males come from different cultural backgrounds bringing diversity not only physically but also mentally. 

Since each model has his own set of interests that he loves discussing during his performance allowing him to connect better with viewers making them feel like true friends instead of just another customer watching him perform sex acts solely out of money.   

Couples Models                      

Couples models form one part of the most popular categories amongst subscribers due mainly because almost everyone enjoys seeing two people share intimate moments.

While expressing themselves freely regardless of gender or sexual orientation – no matter how wild things get! 

It’s said that once someone watches a couple of shows they won’t ever be able to go back to single ones! 

That alone should serve as enough proof about why this genre continues growing day after day despite having so many competitors around trying hard to keep up the quality levels offered here at Xvideoslive!  

Trans Models                   

Xviedoslive is a great way to explore gender-bending themes while enjoying some steamy performances by attractive trans performers who know how to put on a show. 

The selection includes both prerecorded and live streams with plenty of opportunities for viewers to get involved through tipping or private chat options available during each performance session. 

These sessions can range from mild teasing and playful banter up until full nudity depending upon what sort of content you prefer in your adult entertainment viewing pleasure – so there’s something here for everyone! 

Xvideoslive.com Features

Interactive Vibrator 

One unique feature that sets Xvideoslive apart from other platforms is its Interactive Vibrator. 

That allows users to control vibrators connected directly to performers via their computer or mobile device with just a few clicks! 

This creates an incredibly immersive experience as viewers can interact directly with their favorite stars and have them respond instantly through vibrations controlled by their fingertips! It’s a truly revolutionary way to enjoy adult entertainment online.  

Fan Club

Another great option offered by Xvideoslive is its fan club, allowing you to become part of your chosen star’s inner circle and get access to exclusive content. 

Behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A sessions with the performer themselves, discounts on products they endorse and so much more – all while supporting these amazing entertainers! 

The possibilities are endless when becoming part of someone else’s community in such an intimate way – you won’t find this kind of connection anywhere else online today!   

Gold Shows                              

This feature allows broadcasters (or even groups!) to create special events where viewers pay additional charges to join in on activities. 

Playing games together or watching private shows featuring multiple people simultaneously, providing another level of interaction unlike any other video streaming service out there right now! 

This type of show offers up something that regular broadcasting doesn’t quite provide; making sure everyone involved gets exactly what they want out of each session without having to worry about anyone feeling left out due to lengthier time limits imposed during normal streams.

Streaming Quality at Xvideoslive.com

Audio Quality

Xvideoslive.com offers excellent sound clarity, allowing its viewers to hear their favorite performers without any distortion or compression artifacts. 

It uses low-compression technology to ensure the highest possible voice fidelity and prevent audio from becoming distorted during long streams or high-volume broadcasts. 

No background noises are interfering with a conversation between performers and audience members which further enhances the overall experience of watching on this platform. 

Video Quality

The video streams provided by Xvideoslive at: 

  • 720p – 2,428 kb/s
  • 432p – 828 kb/s
  • 144p – 183 kb/s 

Also with displays great image detail while maintaining smooth motion flow at all times regardless of how many people are viewing them.

Concurrently due to its superior encoding techniques used when broadcasting videos online in real time over the internet connection being used by each user connected to it simultaneously. 

All footage displayed is free from visual artifacts as well as having virtually zero latency so one can expect consistent performance throughout every single stream they participate in within this platform’s expansive library available 24/7 around the clock worldwide!

Pricing at Xvideoslive

The standard currency on the website is gold pieces, which cost approximately $1.55 each; these can be used to pay for one-time purchases of model pictures or exclusive videos. 

Alternatively, monthly memberships can also be purchased for as little as $14.99 per month, giving you unlimited access without needing to worry about constantly paying additional fees every time you view something new. 

For those looking for more intimate experiences with their favorite performers then there is always the option of live video chat; this costs just under four dollars ($3 .99) and gives full control over your interaction with other viewers or individual performers.

Deposit Options at Xvideoslive

Xvideoslive deposit options

Xvideoslive.com offers users deposit options when it comes to their payment methods. The primary option for depositing funds on Xvideoslive.com is a Credit or Debit Card: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover 

All payments are secure and provide an easy way for customers to make deposits without any hassle or worry about security issues while using the service. 

Customers can also use prepaid cards in addition to all the standard credit card types accepted by Xvideoslive.com which enhances convenience further still with no need to register personal information anywhere else online before purchasing from this website.

Xvideoslive User Experience 


The desktop version of XvideosLive offers a smooth navigation system for users to quickly move around the website without any issues or delays even during peak times when there are many active viewers on the platform at once. 

It also allows for customizing various settings according to preferences such as displaying different language options to ensure everyone can use this service regardless of their native tongue. 


The mobile version has been optimized so it works efficiently across all devices including phones and tablets while providing access to all features available through the web page itself. 

This includes private messaging between members who have subscribed and watching videos in full HD quality. 

If desired you can connect directly from your device’s browser window instead of having to download them beforehand onto a computer before viewing them afterward, which makes it much more convenient than most other services out there today!

Customer Support at Xvideoslive.com

Xvideoslive customer support

Xvideoslive.com offers extensive customer support to its users, with a variety of channels from which customers can get help and assistance. 

Live Chat Support is available for immediate responses; WhatsApp provides an alternative way of getting in touch quickly; Email Form allows customers to lodge their queries directly.

Phone numbers are provided according to the country or region where the user is located: 

  • USA (866) 941-3982
  • Australia 1800 972 031
  • Canada (866) 941-3982
  • France 0 800 90 32 92  
  • Germany 0800 1810993
  • Germany (Mobile) 0800 1825274 
  • Italy 800 875 206 
  • Switzerland  0800 896 441 
  • United Kingdom(GB)  0800 098 8202 All Other Countries +1 206-438-0241 

Customers can be sure that they will receive timely and professional service when engaging Xvideoslive’s Customer Support team.

Xvideoslive.com Privacy and Security 

The website has implemented measures such as using secure servers, encrypting personal data, and having an independent third party assess its compliance with industry standards for online safety. 

Xvideoslive also provides anti-fraud protection services, and identity verification procedures, and ensures all content posted on the website meets age restrictions established by law. 

All financial transactions are monitored continuously and protected from unauthorized access by advanced encryption technology to maintain users’ total anonymity when purchasing services or making donations through the platform. 

Xvideoslive guarantees complete confidentiality between customers who receive private shows which helps ensure maximum discretion for both parties involved in these encounters. 

Xvideoslive Verdict 

Xvideoslive.com is an online webcam site where users can enjoy live-streaming from amateur performers around the world. 

The website offers a wide variety of categories, allowing viewers to browse through thousands of real-time performances by solo acts and couples alike. 

Xvideoslive also features exclusive content offerings such as free bonus videos, virtual reality options for two people to simulate being together without ever meeting face-to-face, interactive vibrator technology, and much more! 

Its comprehensive selection of male, female, and transgender models as well as fan clubs make this platform quite attractive overall given what it has been able to offer customers since its inception till the present day!


Is Xvideoslive.com Safe?

Xvideoslive.com is a secure website that uses the latest encryption technologies to ensure user privacy and security. 

All data entered into their site is encrypted so it cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the service provider, making it safe for users to use this platform without any concerns about safety or confidentiality.

Is Xvideoslive.com a Scam?

Xvideoslive.com is not a scam nor does it contain any malicious software that could potentially harm your device or data stored on it in any way.

Can I Use Xvideoslive.com for Free? 

Yes, there are some free features available on the website such as watching videos from other users as well as searching through different categories of content.

Does each performer have a profile page?

Yes, each performer has a profile page where members can view photos, rates, age, and other information such as languages spoken by the performers.

Are there any discounts available when purchasing credits for watching shows?

Yes, there are discounts for watching shows or tipping performers via direct transfers. Please contact the customer service team to learn more about these discounts and offers. 

Can I watch the video without registering at Xvideoslive.com?

Yes, you can watch some sort of video, but if you want to get more fun, it`s better to register an account and get access to full adult entertainment.

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