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LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Norsk
Deposit optionsCredit or Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), PayPal
PricingGold Shows $1.99 per minute, Private $2.29 per minute, Exclusive $3.79 per minute

Youjizzlive.com is a popular adult cam website that has recently gained considerable attention from users around the world. 

It offers an array of unique features and services, including live-streaming video content, private chat rooms, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and much more. 

Let`s take an in-depth look at Youjizzlive’s offerings to help you make an informed decision about whether it is right for your needs or not. 

Will cover everything from its user interface to security measures taken by the site as well as any potential pitfalls one might encounter while using the platform. 

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of what Youjizzlive has to offer then read on!


  • Extensive library of high-quality content
  • User interface is easy to navigate with clearly labeled categories


  • Limited number of transgender models
  • Not all countries are supported by Youjizzlive’s deposit options

What is Youjizzlive.com

Youjizzlive.com is an online streaming platform that offers a wide variety of adult entertainment content, including live cam shows and pre-recorded videos. 

The site allows users to purchase credits for use with their favorite models, as well as chat in real-time with the performers during their live performances. 

You can also browse through hundreds of different categories featuring various genres and topics related to sex and porn culture. To start watching or broadcasting on the website you must create an account that will allow you access to all features within the platform such as private messaging other members, making tips towards your favorite performers, and more! 

With its extensive library of high-quality content from both professional studios along with amateur talent around the world; Youjizzlive.com has become one of the most popular websites when it comes to adult entertainment streaming services today!

Signing up at Youjizzlive.com

Youjizzlive sign up

To start, navigate to the website and click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. From there, you will need to provide some basic information including an email address, nickname, and password before submitting your registration form. 

Once complete, you will have created your free account with access to all of Youjizzlive’s features such as live chat rooms and video streaming capabilities. 

If needed, additional personal details may also be provided when creating your profile but they are not required for signup purposes only so feel free to skip this step if desired. 

After logging in with your newly created credentials you’ll be ready immediately to begin exploring everything that Youjazzlive has available!

Models at Youjizzlive.com

Female Models

The site features an extensive list of female models from around the world that offer live video streaming services as well as private chat sessions with members looking for intimate interactions on webcam or via text messages. 

The majority of these women are experienced professionals in the industry who know exactly how to make their customers feel satisfied after every session they participate in. 

They also come from different backgrounds and sexual orientations which makes them suitable for all kinds of clients’ preferences when it comes to finding companionship online in these times when meeting people face-to-face can be difficult.

Male Models

There are plenty of male performers available at YouJizzLive whose primary job consists of providing high-quality erotic shows tailored according to each customer’s desires and fantasies. 

Similarly, than females counterparts, come from different countries all over the globe so viewers have plenty of options when selecting someone who truly meets their expectations regarding physical attributes or performance skillsets such as singing, dancing, etc…


This category includes couples willing to share either solo performances or full cam2cam experiences depending what kind fetishes individual buyers like exploring while spending time at this platform. 

These duos definitely bring added value thanks dynamism they contribute during long hours of broadcasting until late at night if requested by the audience watching them perform together.


Transgender models are another alternative offered by webmasters behind this website although quantity isn’t quite impressive compared other three categories mentioned above.

Nonetheless, some true gems may be found amongst trans performers working here since many already achieved great popularity within both community itself & loyal fans located anywhere on planet Earth.  

Youjizzlive.com Features

Spin Wheel

The spin wheel feature allows viewers to take part in fun activities while interacting with their favorite models or performers through virtual spinning wheels which are loaded up with prizes such as tokens or gifts for successful spins! 

The activity helps keep things interesting between the user and performer, allowing them both to have more fun during their time together online.

Gold Shows 

The gold show feature gives viewers access to exclusive shows featuring some of the most popular models/performers in return for donating a certain amount of money towards each performance’s goal before it can begin broadcasting live. 

These donations help ensure that only high-quality shows make it onto stream since they must meet certain financial goals beforehand – thus helping maintain quality control standards among all participants involved in any given show session via this platform.


Users can take part in different contests run throughout each month offering big cash prizes; there are usually three winners per contest so everyone has a chance at winning something here too! 

These competitions vary in type ranging from simple quizzes, guessing games or even just being randomly selected based on your activity within the website itself (i..e watching videos). 

Streaming Quality at Youjizzlive.com

Youjizzlive.com provides users with a remarkable streaming experience. It offers excellent audio and video quality, allowing users to enjoy high-quality streams without compromising on clarity or experiencing lagging issues. 

Its low compression rates provide near-lossless image quality while its 144p, 432p, and 720p resolutions cater to varying internet speed requirements so that all viewers can access the content easily. 

The site also features powerful servers for improved performance as well as advanced data encryption protocols for enhanced security of personal information during transmission over the web. 

Youjizzlive’s commitment to providing exceptional user experiences makes it one of the most reliable platforms available today.

Pricing at Youjizzlive

Youjizzlive offers several different pricing options to suit everyone’s needs and budget, allowing users to enjoy an array of fun experiences without breaking their bank accounts. 

Private shows are available at 2.29 dollars per minute while Exclusive Show prices start from 3.79 dollars per minute – both rates being quite reasonable when compared with other similar services in the industry today. 

There are also Gold Shows which cost only 1.99 USD per minute – perfect for those who want great value for money! 

Youjizzlive provides an excellent range of affordable solutions that can fit into any pocket size easily!

Deposit Options at Youjizzlive

Youjizzlive deposit options

The payment methods available include Credit or Debit Cards: 

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover 

All these payment options are secure and reliable so customers can be assured of their safety when making transactions on the website.

Another deposit option:

  • PayPal

The credit/debit card option allows customers to pay directly from their bank account without having to create an additional account with Youjizzlive.com while the PayPal option provides more flexibility as it supports multiple currencies and also has buyer protection features in place which makes it ideal for international purchases. 

Customers who choose this method will need to have a verified PayPal account before they can use it on Youjizzlive’s platform though there may be some fees associated with using this service depending on your country of residence or other factors such as currency conversion rates etc.

Youjizzlive user experience 


YouJizzLive provides customers with an easy-to-navigate website for exploring the various content offerings on its platform. 

Users can quickly find what they’re looking for by navigating through clearly labeled categories or searching within specific tags which makes it simple to refine searches even further. 

Members benefit from being able to upload photos and videos in HD quality – allowing them to capture memorable moments while chatting with friends online or watching performers at work in real-time!


For those who prefer using their mobile device for streaming services like this one has been well taken care of too – Youjizzlelive has made available both Android & iOS apps that are optimized and specifically designed so as not to compromise any features compared when accessing via standard web browser options. 

Accessing all your favorite models, hosts, etc could never be easier than now!

Customer Support at Youjizzlive.com

Youjizzlive customer support

Youjizzlive.com Customer Support offers users a variety of options for contacting technical support staff. Users can access by:

  • Live Chat Support
  • WhatsApp
  • Email Form

As phone numbers:

  • USA (866) 941-3982
  • Australia 1800-972-031
  • Canada (866)-941-3982 
  • France 0 800-90-32-92
  • Germany 0800-1810993
  • Germany(Mobile) 0800-1825274
  • Italy 800-875-206 
  • Switzerland 08000896-441
  • United Kingdom(GB ) 0808-0988202 
  • All Other Countries +1 206-438-0241 

The customer service team is available to assist customers with any inquiries or issues they may have 24/7 ensuring that all their needs are met promptly. 

Youjizzlive’s customer support staff are professional and courteous providing helpful solutions quickly by answering questions efficiently via multiple communications platforms such as email phone calls or chat sessions on the website itself.

Youjizzlive.com Privacy and Security 

Youjizzlive.com take the privacy and security of its users extremely seriously. It implements robust measures to ensure that all data provided by users remains secure, encrypted, and protected from unauthorized access or misuse. 

Youjizzlive also offers multiple layers of protection for its customers including advanced firewalls, SSL encryption technology, and regular monitoring systems in place to detect any suspicious activity on the platform. 

They have an extensive Privacy Policy outlining how user data is collected, stored, and used while ensuring full compliance with international laws such as GDPR, etc.

All this makes Youjizzlive a safe environment where you can enjoy your favorite shows without worrying about breaches of security or privacy violations.

Youjizzlive Verdict 

Youjizzlive.com is an adult cam platform that provides viewers with a unique interactive experience featuring live streams and private videos. 

The website has gained considerable attention from users around the world due to its extensive library of content, user interface, security measures taken by the site, features such as spin wheel and gold shows, and various models available for streaming services. 

It also offers excellent audio/video quality with multiple pricing options depending on customers’ needs or budget constraints. 

Youjizzlive takes privacy & safety seriously implementing robust data encryption protocols while offering 24/7 customer support through multiple channels so everyone can access it easily without compromising any of its main functionalities!


Is Youjizzlive.com Safe?

Youjizzlive.com is a safe website to use as long as you take the necessary precautions when viewing content online such as avoiding clicking any suspicious links or downloading unknown files. 

It’s important to remember that no website can be completely free from the risk of malicious activity so it’s always best to exercise caution and good judgment while browsing the internet. 

Is Youjizzlive.com a Scam?

Youjizzlive.com is not a scam site but there are some risks associated with using it due to its adult-oriented nature and potential exposure to malware or other security threats if users fail to practice safe browsing habits while navigating through its webpages and services offered on the platform.

Can I Use Youjizzlive.com for Free? 

You can access most features available on YouJizLive for free including streaming videos from various categories like amateur porn stars/models, new releases, top-rated clips, etc.

Is it possible to chat and interact in real-time while watching a video stream on youJizLive?

Yes, this feature allows users to communicate with each other without interrupting the viewing experience. The platform also provides an interactive interface where viewers can easily share their opinions about the videos they are watching or discuss topics related to them. 

Are all contents provided by professional actors and actresses only?

No, not all content is provided by professional actors and actresses only; there are many amateur performers who upload creative content as well. 

Some of these amateurs have become very successful through their streamed performances on YouJizLive which has allowed them to build careers from home streaming entertainment for others’ enjoyment! 

Are users able to rate and comment on videos they watch or upload themselves?

Yes, users are able to rate and comment on videos that they watch or upload themselves via the built-in rating system available within the site itself. Users can also leave comments under specific videos if desired, allowing for further engagement between viewers throughout this platform!

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